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Users can Now Book 4G Phones from China Mobile

China Mobile recently announced that users can now book smart phones that are based on its 4G network. The announcement marks the debut of the fastest mobile service in China after debates and government briefing that indicated the availability of the technology by the end of this year. The 4G service will start in Guangzhou [...]

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Administration Launched English Website to Provide Service to Foreign Professionals in China

An English language website of the State Foreign Experts Affairs Administration (http://www.safea.gov.cn/english/) was recently launched to provide a service platform to assist foreign professionals in China. The website contains six categories of information that will help foreign experts including two recently updated sources Living in China and Working in China. One column introduces the country’s [...]

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Customers Prefer Gold Color iPhone from Other Color Options


As the new iPhone 5S went on sale in Shenzhen last Friday showed most buyers are choosing the gold color model than the other two color options. But those customers buying the gold color smart phone will have to wait until October if they are buying it online compared to the other two models which [...]

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Renewed Subsidies Did Not Include Gas-Electric Hybrid Vehicles


A part on the country’s effort to fight air pollution, china renewed subsidies for private buyers of new energy vehicles or electric powered vehicles for another three years but did not include purchases of gasoline electric hybrid vehicles. The Central Government announced that they will be giving up to 60,000 yuan for purchases of all [...]

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Government to Give More Subisidies to Push Use of New Energy Vehicles


The Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said that the details on the subsidies that will be given to electric vehicles users will be released soon as China pushes the use of alternative electric vehicles is gaining popularity. The government was revealed their plans to expand pilots for subsidies for electric vehicles to more [...]

Sep 16 2013, 7:52 am | Posted in GreenTech | Read More »

National Law Requires ID Cards before Purchasing Mobile SIM Cards

Starting next week a national law will take effect that will require Chinese citizens to present identification when buying a mobile phone number from phone operators. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is coordinating with the three major mobile providers in the country to start implementing a real name system that requires users to [...]

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Shenzhou-10 Lands Safety in Inner Mongolia

Shenzhou-10 and its three crew members returned to earth safety yesterday after completing its longest manned space mission. This is just one major step towards its goal of building a permanent space station by the year 2020. The return capsule touchdown in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia at 8:07 am which was also shown through [...]

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Nokia’s Dongguan Factory Produces 1 Billionth Mobile Phone

Nokia celebrates a milestone s its manufacturing facility in Dongguan produced its 1 billionth Nokia phone. To commemorate the occasion the company posted a phone on their Facebook page showing factory workers holding the 1 billionth phone. The company’s Dongguan facility was established in 1995 and is one of the important base of operations globally. [...]

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Shenzhou-10 Manned Spacecraft to Launch Today

Today at 5:38 pm, China will be launching its fifth manned spacecraft with three astronauts ten years after the country’s first astronaut was brought to space. The Shenzhou-10 manned ship will carry two men Zhang Xiaoguang and Nie Haisheng and a female astronaut Wang Yaping. Wang will be the second woman to join the manned [...]

Jun 11 2013, 8:19 am | Posted in Featured,Space | Read More »

Mobile Chat App to Remain Free

Mobile Chat App to Remain Free

Recently Tencent announced that they have no plans in charging users for its WeChat services, this shows a potential indication of a direct transaction between Internet companies and the country’s major telecommunication carriers which will not affect users is now a possibility. In their statement the company along with telecom carriers said that they might [...]

Apr 5 2013, 8:24 am | Posted in IT | Read More »

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