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China to Strengthen Ties with Australia and New Zealand

During the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in Bali Indonesia, President Xi Jingping met with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and New Zealand’s John Key separately to discuss and push bilateral ties, increase free trade negotiation and further cooperation. The three are major countries in the Asia Pacific Region and having close cooperation with them can [...]

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President Jingping Proposes to Put up an Asian Investment Bank

President Xi Jingping vowed to put up an Asian investment bank that will assist and facilitate regional connectivity. He said that the bank will provide capital support to infrastructure construction in regional developing countries. This will be the first time that china propose this kind of investment bank that will aid regional connectivity. Xi said [...]

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Free Trade Zone Releases List of Restricted Sectors

The Shanghai free trade zone officially opened last Sunday and have now published a list of sectors in which foreign investment will be restricted or banned in the zone. Which is in contrast to its departure from the usual practice no other permission is required in dealing or investing in other sectors found in the [...]

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Regulatory Commission to Expand Consumer Financing Pilot Program to Ten More Cities

The banking regulator in the country will be expanding its consumer financing pilot program to ten more cities as they attempt to bring in more private capital in lending markets. Last week the China Banking Regulatory Commission stated that the expansion will meet the demand of lower and middle income consumers while boosting consumption in [...]

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Wal-Mart Fullfills Promise Opens Four New Stores in China

Wal Mart will be opening four new stores in China as the company is fulfilling its pledge to boost their presence in booming and competitive market sector in China. Two stores will be located in Guangdong namely in Zhuahai and Huizhou, one in Yunnan and one in Fujian and are only a small segment in [...]

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Setting Up a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise in China

Using China WFOEs in the Service and Manufacturing IndustriesSept. 11 – A wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) is a company established in China according to Chinese laws and wholly owned by one or more foreign investors. A WFOE is a limited liability company, meaning that the liability of the shareholders is limited to the assets they [...]

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Guangdong to Plan a Bigger Free Trade Zone


The planned free trade zone that will cover Hong Kong, Macao and several parts of Guangdong will place it focus on services, finance and commerce. The remark was made by Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan who led a delegation to a short visit to Hong Kong for the 16th meeting of the Hong Kong-Guangdong Cooperation Joint [...]

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Country to Invest More into Gas and Oil Exploration


To boost the country’s energy supply and reduce its dependency on energy imports, China will be investing 80 billion yuan in oil and gas exploration this year. Oil and gas investment have risen from 19 billion yuan to 67 billion yuan in 2011. Between 2008 to 2011 around 5 billion tons of petroleum reserves and [...]

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China to Further Enhance Consumer Rights

On April 28, 2013, China released the “Draft Amendment to the Consumer Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the ‘First Draft’),” which is the first revision to the country’s Consumer Protection Law. The First Draft aims to further protect consumer rights and boost domestic demand in the country, and has made revisions to the current [...]

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President Xi Jinping Creates Ties with Central Asian Countries


China’s president Xi Jinping along with Kyrgyzstan president Almazbek Atambaev signed cooperation agreements to upgrade bilateral ties for a more strategic partnership. The two presidents met and both agree that the two countries must offer political support for each other and maintain a close coordination on security while conducting a mutually benefiting economic cooperation. XI [...]

Sep 12 2013, 10:40 am | Posted in Investment Relations | Read More »

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