China to Strengthen Ties with Australia and New Zealand

imagesDuring the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in Bali Indonesia, President Xi Jingping met with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and New Zealand’s John Key separately to discuss and push bilateral ties, increase free trade negotiation and further cooperation. The three are major countries in the Asia Pacific Region and having close cooperation with them can serve the fundamental interest with these countries wherein they can contribute to world peace and development.

Xi met with Abbot and have expressed that China is ready to work with Australia to further deepen their ties and partnership to make their ties a model of harmonious coexistence along with a win-win cooperation between the two countries. China has worked hard to strengthen it ties with China using strategic height and long term perspective. XI said that they will work on four bonds to further strengthen their bilateral ties with Australia.

The first bond will deal with mutual trust and both sides must respect the core interest and major concerns of each other while objectively and rationally viewing their strategic intentions, achieve progress, mutual learning and gain result through deep cooperation. Second bond is with economy and trade wherein efforts should be made to achieve an early and substantive progress of bilateral free trade agreement on how they can explore new cooperation ideas in information technology, energy conservation, environmental protection and infrastructure.

The third bond is people to people exchanges in which both should strengthen their exchanges in education and culture between its youth to deepen mutual understanding and friendship. The fourth and last bond is security in which they continue to enhance military exchanges by conducting naval visits and using strategic defense consultation.

After meeting with Abbot, XI then met with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and both pledged for further cooperation and advance bilateral ties as well. The china and New Zealand ties are fuels by twin engines namely high level political mutual trust and a win-win economic and trade cooperation. Both countries share a common position on several global and regional issues and both respect each other’s path of development while trying to accommodate each side’s interest and major concerns.

And for the first time China became the largest trade partner of New Zealand during the first half of this year. China relishes its cooperative relations with New Zealand and is ready to deepen its cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, investment, environmental protection, livestock farming and tourism.

Both side also increased their cooperation in the infrastructure construction, further promote science and technology and defense exchanges. The two countries also strengthen its communication and coordination on trade talks, climate change and regional cooperation mechanisms to further enhance China New Zealand relations.

New Zealand values its relations with China and is committed in further strengthening cooperation with China, while Australia will be enhancing cooperation and is ready to speed up the free trade agreements with China.

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