NYPD Pizza won first place in Hong Kong Perfect Pizza Challenge

NYPD Pizza won first place in Hong Kong Perfect Pizza ChallengeLast September 7, a pizza competition was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The competition aptly names the Hong Kong Perfect Pizza Challenge have chosen the six best Pizzeria to compete and there are Amici, New York Pizza Delivery, HK convention and Exhibition Center’s Western Kitchen, Paisano’s, Shakey’s Pizza Restaurant of Chiram and Pizzeria La Gondola.

Among the six Pizzeria Shenzhen’s New York Pizza Delivery came out on top by winning the perfect pizza challenge.

Before the competition, contestants were ask to bring their own pre-made dough, flour, sauce and toppings of one 14 inch pizza. The choice of ingredients was left to the discretion of the competitors with the exception of only Anchor brand of cheese must be used. Baking and other preparation equipment will be provided, and contestants were advised to bring other personal tools that they might need in making the pizza.

The pizza must be commercially viable and contestants must prepare and cook the pizza within ten minutes in the competition area. Only one pizza is allowed to be made and contestants must attend the pre-competition briefing before the start of the competition.

Three judges were given the honor to taste and choose the top pizza in the competition, these judges are;

Niall Richardson, the Procurement Manager for Gastro Primo Limited. Richardson was the one who created the Viva Pizza range of freshly made chilled pizza that are sold in several Park n Shops around Hong Kong.

David Warren, the Regional Advisory Chef of Fonterra Brands with 15 years of experience in the F&B industry in different countries. Warren also trained and did apprenticeship in a 1 Star Michelin Restaurant in London. He now provides technical support to the Asia and Middle East Region as Advisory Chef in Fonterra.

Giandomenico Caprioli, is the Executive Chef of the Isola bar & Grill Hong Kong located at the IFC since 2004. He is also the Director of Operations of Isola Bar & grill Hong Kong & Shanghai. Caprioli uses fresh ingredients with his food with sublime simplicity. His signature Margherita pizza have attracted a lot of fans that wanted to the Caprioli’s style of cooking.

Article Originally Posted on Shenzhen Standard: NYPD Pizza won first place in Hong Kong Perfect Pizza Challenge

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  1. Congratulations Thompson well done.

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