Beishan Jazz Music Festival 2011

For the second edition of the Beishan International Jazz Festival, 10 international jazz bands will come and play in Zhuhai at the Beishan Theatre on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2011.

-In The Country (Norway) In The Country was formed at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo in 2003 by pianist Morten Qvenild, who is probably best known for being in Susanna and the Magical Orchestra but has plenty more to show for.

-Gao Hong Zhang & ACID Live (China/UK/Malaysia) More a collective than traditional band, the group’s five official members reflect the range of cultural flavors in Beijing’s arts and music scene. You might hear a twisted wa-wa version of the Mission Impossible theme morph into blues before dissolving into an ocean of ambient electronic crackles. If a ‘60s-style counter culture ever takes off in China, this fusion of Beijing’s musical voices will provide the soundtrack.

-Dainius Pulauskas Group (Lithuania) Dainius Pulauskas Group is characterized by their use electronic and acoustic instruments to create a very eloquent music space; a very peculiar version of fusion. The Group is unique because of its extreme ensemble plus the collective mastery of all the players; all professional musicians who very frequently appear on Lithuanian jazz stages and who are excellent when performing together or with different groups.

-Alexandre Cunha (Brazil) A professional drummer for 22 years, Alexandre has always considered musical excellence his utmost goal. He lived in Germany from 1994 to 1997 and played in the best jazz clubs in order to develop even more his own way of playing Brazilian music.

-Rusconi (Switzerland) This trio of young, Swiss jazz musicians stormed the world at the Zurich Jazzno jazz Festival in November 2006 and were immediately praised as “The New Discovery”. They have been raved as the new Esbjorn Svensson Trio (EST) after Esbjorn Svensson died in 2008 and continues to lift the European Jazz scene to a higher level.

-The MICHEL BISCEGLIA Trio (Belgium) The Michel Bisceglia Trio is pure lyrical style and great class. On their first CD “About Stories,” he had the privilege to work with Randy Brecker and Bob Mintzer. Michel took his time to develop his most personal project as, since 1997, he recorded only three cd’s with his trio, but they did played at world-famous jazz festivals like the Rochester International Jazzfestival (USA), the Guimaraes Jazz Festival (Portugal) and, with Dewey Redman, at the Ulverston Music Festival (UK). The three CD’s are, one after the other, masterpieces, exercises in ‘subtlized’ meditations on intangible melodies.

-Simin Tander Quartet (Netherlands) The Simin Tander Quartet represents a new sound in the European jazz landscape: mysterious, surprising, rhythmically varying, subtle and tenderly beautiful but at the same time strong and very pointy. The German-Afghan leader of the quartet, Simin Tander, sings “stories without words”, purely using her voice and a very broad palette of sounds.

-Mdungu (Africa/Netherlands) Mdungu is a nine piece band based in Amsterdam. The musicians, from Holland, Luxembourg, Spain and Gambia, perform their music with skill, flair and energy that is irresistible to any audience. African music by Mdungu is a strong musical experience: it funks, it grooves, it moves your feet and feeds your soul. The percussion is dazzling, the melodies enchanting and the vocals, captivating, creating a chemical reaction that makes people start dancing and romancing. The moment Mdungu kicks off and the music takes over; there is no future, no past, no borders, no passport. The groove is king, and that’s the way it should be.

-RUM (Hong Kong) Found by Alex Wu and KH Tong in 2004, playing regularly at the 48th street Chicago Blues Bar, and member has participated at the Hong Kong Jazz festival 2005.

-Ginger Kwan (Hong Kong) Hong Kong native Ginger Kwan is one of Hong Kong’s most sought-after performance and studio-session singers with a culturally diverse upbringing. She is renowned for her modern interpretations of traditional Chinese and Mandarin songs that have touched audiences of all ages and ethnicity through her many local appearances.

-Li Gaoyang (China) Li Gaoyang and his band consists of four promising young Chinese jazz players, among which the youngest saxophonist Li Gaoyang is only seventeen. These four prominent musicians have played an active role in the jazz stages home and abroad, with the band being considered by many experts in the industry as an emerging power brimming with incredible creativity and capability.

Sep.24-Sep.25 6:00-11:00pm RMB220 per ticket per night

Beishan Theatre (in Beishan Village, opposite Huafa New Town), Nanping, Zhuhai 珠海南屏镇北山村(杨氏大宗祠旁,华发新城对面)北山会馆 (+86 756) 8811701 (office hours) [email protected]

http://www.beishanfestival.com/ http://www.deltabridges.com/event/zhuhai-events/beishan-international-jazz-festival-2011-zhuhai

Beishan Jazz Music Festival 2011

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