Mao Photograph Taken by His Wife Sold for 340,000 Yuan

Mao Photograph Taken by His Wife Sold for 340,000 YuanA photo of Mao Zedong titled Chairman Mao, the Brightest Sun in the Heart of the World’s People which shows a picture of Mao Zedong sitting and relaxing on a wicker chair with Lushan Mountain as background have fetched 340,000 yuan at an auction which said to be ten times the presale estimate.

The photo was taken in 1961 by his wife Jiang Qing under a pen name Li Jing for photos she took during the Cultural Revolution. A sudden rise in tension was seen once the photo was entered into the showroom at Huachen Auctions in Beijing. Initial prices were estimated at 30,000 to 50,000 yuan and bidding started at 22,000 yuan the shortly passed the 100,000 yuan mark and a back and forth bidding happened between two telephone bidders ensued.

The photo is a sought after piece of memorabilia since the photographer is such a unique figure and photos taken by Jiang Qing rarely surfaces. The photo has a sizeable measurement of 45.5 by 37 centimieter and clearly has aroused an interest to collectors. This also shows that red classic photos are becoming much more recognizable in the market.

The auction house created a special red classic photography section to commemorate Mao Zedong’s 120th birthday and at the same time placed more than a dozen photos for sale which includes photos taken by famous photographers, Hou Bo, Wu Yinxian and Qi Guanshan. Other photos showed the late chairman meeting foreigners, inspecting the countryside or attending conferences.

During the founding of New China in 1949 until the end of the Cultural Revolution Mao was a symbol of national power. He appeared in many artworks and photos and these photos were taken the country’s top photographers using the latest technology that time.

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