The South China Australian Football League 2012 Fixtures

The South China Australian Football League 2012 Fixtures  The Scorpions are getting ready to tackle the rest of Southern China, well the ones that play Aussie Footy.

Attached is the program, if you want to get involved they would love to hear from you.

Round 1 Guangzhou Round 1 March 17th
12.00pm GZ vs Mac
12.50pm Whites vs Blues
1.40pm GZ vs Reds
2.30pm Mac vs Blues
3.20pm Reds vs Whites
Macau Round 2 March 31st
1:00pm Mac vs Reds
2:00pm Blues vs Whites
3:00pm Mac vs GZ
4:00pm Reds vs Whites
5:00pm GZ vs Blues
Hong Kong Round 3 May 5th
1:00pm Blues vs Reds
2:00pm Mac vs Whites
3:00pm GZ vs Blues
4:00pm Mac vs Reds
5:00pm GZ vs Whites
GZ Round 4 June 2nd
1:00pm GZ vs Reds
2:00pm Blues vs Mac
3:00pm GZ vs Whites
4:00pm Reds vs Blues
5:00pm Mac vs Whites
Hong Kong vs Aug 18th Final
11:00am 3rd vs 2nd Qualifying
12:00pm 4th vs 5th Elimination
1:00pm 1st vs Win Qual 2nd Semi
2:00pm Loser Qual vs Win Elim 1st Semi
3:00pm Auskick half time
3:30pm Loser 2nd Semi vs Win 1st Semi Prelimary
4:30pm Auskick half time
5:00pm Winner 2nd Semi vs Win Prelim Grand Final
4 Rounds
8 games per team
Each venue hosts match days
HK host 1 match day plus the finals day
Mac hosts 1 match day
GZ hosts 2 match days
50 minutes between gamse starts
2 x 20minute halves.
5 minute half time break.
5 minutes between games


The first game will be on the 17th of March, 3 teams from Hong Kong and one from Macau.

It will be a great day even if you just want to come along, barrack, eat pies and drink beer or chardies !!

Full details when the time gets closer, but lock the date in and get ready for a great family day out.

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