Swiss company to bid for rail construction

Swiss company to bid for rail constructionA delegation from Switzerland recently visited Dongguan and was received by Deputy mayor Liang Guoying. The Swiss delegation was lead by Consul general Ulrich Hunn and was accompanied by ABB Switzerland Ltd general manager Oliver Blauenstein.

During their meet with Dongguan’s deputy mayor, the Swiss duo expressed their interest in entering bids for the construction of the urban rail in Dongguan.

Liang said that the city is planning to construct an inter rail network and an inner city urban rail system. The rail system is said to be 280km long and will be completed by 2015. Dongguan is concern on the environmental protection efforts that will impact the construction. ABB’s reputation in terms of environmental protection and energy conservation greatly attracted them. Both parties have agreed and placed great emphasis on the importance of coordinating urban construction with environmental protection.

ABB Switzerland Ltd is known worldwide as a supplier of traction motor and traction converter. A couple of their construction projects in China are used in commercial operation, namely the Changchun light rail, Line 1 extension of the Nanjing Metro and Shenzhen Metro Line 4.

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