Car ownership in Dongguan will reach one million

Car ownership in Dongguan will reach one millionDongguan’s vehicle management department announced that there were 12,245 new car registrations in May, an equivalent of 395 new additions to Dongguan roads everyday.

As of the last count car ownership have already reaches 990,000. If this continues car ownership will reach one million in just two weeks. With more and more new cars hitting the roads, old cars are also being retired. In July there were 616 cars were retired and was no longer allowed on the roads. Those caught using the vehicles were subjected to a 1,500 yuan fine plus suspension of their licenses. A recycling company is offering a free vehicle collection onsite if one needs to have their cars towed to the recycling plant.

The city will also restrict the entry of heavy vehicles such as trucks and trailers in the city center starting July. By restricting these vehicles the city hopes it would relieve traffic congestion and improve the capacity of the roads. The public security bureau will grant special permits to heavy truck that are used in public and emergency services.

In August, traffic police will be placing checkpoints near major roads in the downtown areas that will monitor and enforce the new restrictions on the heavy vehicle access.

Trucks will not be allowed in roads near downtown roads in the vicinity of Dongbao road during peak traffic hours seven days a week. Peak hours are from 7am to 9am and 4pm to 8pm. No non-city membership trucks having loads of more than one ton, will be allowed on downtown roads near Huancheng Road from 7am to 8pm.

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