Ozenhide Japanese Restaurant

OzenhideOzenhide is a Japanese Restaurant in Dongguan that mainly serves fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine with an extra kick. Japanese Cuisine is recognized for their great artistry that they combine in serving their meals. Enjoy the wonderful presentation of Japanese meals that are colorful, vibrant and definitely oh so tempting.

Ozenhide Japanese Restaurant provides excellent selection of famous Japanese dishes in set courses and a la carte. Delectable varieties of meat dishes are also available in this restaurant. A grilled and pan-fried dish like yakimono is a must-try. Deep-fried meals, sashimi, tasty miso soup, pickled, salted and dressed foods are recommended. It is suggested that you finish off your meals with a good tea to have proper digestion.

Ozenhide Japanese Restaurant has a very warm and relaxing atmosphere that makes the customers appreciate more their unique Japanese experience. The servers and other staffs are very welcoming and attentive. They always make it a point to attend to every need of their customers, which is definitely a plus factor.

Ozenhide Japanese Restaurant is located at the Bar Street Dongcheng Nanlu, Dongcheng District, Dongguan.

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