Pathaway Cellar

Pathaway CellarPathaway Cellar Restaurant in Dongguan is French styled, classy and elegant yet it has a warm ambiance. The dining concept of Pathaway Cellar is that you have to select your wine first, after which the menu comes next. In this restaurant, it only requires a simple phone call to reserve your table while enjoying sumptuous international delicacies such as American steak, Icelandic oysters, French Foie Gras, French Prawn, Shiraz Lizard fiat, South Africa Codfish, Japanese sashimi, Japanese kobe Steak and many more.

Pathaway Cellar Restaurant offers French meals and excellent selections of wine. Their 100-year-old Wine is definitely a must-try. It is their top and foremost goal to serve the customers the best in French cuisine. Hence, it is strictly practiced in this restaurant to follow traditional French techniques. The chef of Pathaway Cellar Restaurant has been well trained by the best French chefs and has broad knowledge and skills in the presentation of genuine French cuisine. The servers and other members and staffs in the restaurant are attentive, friendly and speak English.

Pathaway Cellar Restaurant is located at 22-A23, Brands Commercial Street, Square of Dongguan Municipal Government, Nancheng District. It is open daily at 9:30 am until 9:30 pm.

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