Mekong River

Mekong River Mekong River Restaurant in Dongguan serves Vietnamese and Thai cuisines. Their dishes are simply the best of Asian foods. Every dish is unique, flavorful, delicious and cooked to its perfection. It is simply phenomenal. Mekong River Restaurant creates wonderful meals with loads of vegetables. In ever meal, you would enjoy at least five varieties of it.

The meals that are being served in this restaurant are usually in large amounts; at least two people could share it. Their recommended dishes are as follows: If you want to enjoy a coconut soup that has an authentic taste, you have to try their red tom kha ai soup with just the right amount of spice and assorted mushrooms and lots of chicken are added into it. For their appetizer, they have the Thai Curry Puff Appetizers that is served hot and has an excellent taste. For the curry, they offer the Chicken Masaman Curry with squash, potatoes and pineapple that makes the meal more interesting plus the combination of fruits and veggies compliments very well to the dish. Mekong River Restaurant also serves wide selections of Bubble Tea that goes along well after eating your meal.

There are approximately 100 items on the menu that you could choose. Whatever you choose, the meals that are being served in Mekong River Restaurant are always flavorful, fresh, delectable and one-of-a kind. This is definitely a must-try restaurant.

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