Mao Jia

Mao JiaMao Jia is a Restaurant in Dongguan that serves Hunan-style dishes. The first restaurant was established in the year 1987; from then on, it has spread across China. If you enjoy spicy, authentic and delicious foods, this is definitely the place to go. With a very comfortable atmosphere and appetizing meals, dining in this restaurant is simply enjoyed by several customers.

Hunan cuisine puts great emphasis on the use of different methods, dense color and oil that results to the crispiness, tenderness and softness along with the pleasant spices and flavors of it. In 1958, Chairman Mao as well as the other leaders of China commended Hunan cuisine.

Mao Jia Restaurant serves prominent dishes such as Hong Shao Ror also known as Red Cooked Pork, stewed fins, chicken and pork stewed in chicken soup and sauce that tastes really fresh, spicy and delightful. The meals served in Mao Jia Restaurant, without any doubt makes you crave for more.

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