Haoshan Dingdongren

Haoshan DingdongrenHaoshan Dingdongren in Dongguan is a strictly vegetarian high range restaurant that is well-known for serving delicious and tasty boiled bamboo shoots which are freshly delivered by plane from Westlake in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a place that has abundance supply for bamboo since its lands is blessed for growing bamboo shoots. In the restaurant, bamboo shoots are boiled in salted water.  When it is already ready, it is taken out from the water. In this method, the bitterness is eliminated while the combination of the sweet and fresh taste of bamboo shoots is preserved.

Foreigners might find it weird and strange to invite them to have bamboo shoots in Haoshan Dingdongren Restaurant since this dish is not recognized in some parts of the world. Yet, when they get a taste of these delightful bamboo shoots, they would certainly ask for more. This one-of-a-kind dish is simply irresistible.




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